*Affiliates New Testament

Post Comments in Related 'Affiliate Forums' or Blogs! A very good way to get affiliates, is post comments on public forums discussing issues of similar interest on your niche product or service. The public forums have groups they post to, ideas and their opinions on various topics or threads. Usually forums allow you to add your signature below your comment as well. You can use this portion for linking your product or web site's affiliate page. If comments are interesting, then you can expect more affiliates to join your plan... Very simple and less time consuming, writing 3 or 4 line responses, again be genuine - better yet, start your own blog on your specific niche / passion with related affiliates, posting 1 or 2 pages a week - making links for life!  Like the old cliche' goes; "The more - the merrier!"

Use all 'Social Network' & 'Social Bookmarking' sites, is a good 'Affiliate Database' Social networking sites have great potential to target affiliates. Today social networking sites like Twitter,Facebook,etc., etc. Promote your links on social network sites, you can find great affiliates for your affiliate plans. Add friends of similar interests, make business contacts and recruit affiliates. Then others do the same. It creates an exponential rush of interested visitors convert groups of affiliates into your plan... linking everything together in the process increasing popularity in search engines, none more so than video marketing...

Video Marketing on Youtube Free is #1 for promoting.
 If you have this ability, it's quite easy to get your video in the top 5 spots or 1st page of google searches within a couple days, in some cases hours... for any given search word or term / relevent. Basically, be sure to include your search phrase / keywords in the title of your video 3 times if possible, and again in the description... AGAIN appropriately without appearing spammy -  include the link to your website or offer before / above the description and below/after! You will be amazed at the results and how fast you can recruit with this highly targeted method. Good news... for the modern affiliate, again you can find good help cheap at FIVERR! {See reviews there.