*Affiliates Old Testament

Use Article Marketing to Recruit Affiliates Of course if you have a list of subscribers - you are ahead of the game, or use Optin Safelist Methods! Nonetheless, if you are just starting out...one of the very best free and effective (simple) ways to recruit affiliates is; 'article marketing'. You can either write the article yourself, or hire someone to write attractive and provocative articles... focusing on the product or service that you provide. See countless examples of these methods simply search places like FIVERR for invaluable resources; Click Here opens NEW window of opportunity!

The main advantage of article marketing is, only those interested in your product or service will read your articles. If you successfully target recruits, you have gained a
 perfect affiliate for your affiliate program. This can attract potential customers as well with this very targeted old school method...

Write Reviews on the Products & Services, why potential affiliates should join under you... Writing reviews is very effective in attracting good affiliates. Write some reviews about the affiliate program you promote. This generates targeted organic traffic to your site. While writing reviews, try to make it unbiased. You should not advertise yourself too much. The review should be very interesting, even better if you do some comparison between similar 'affiliate plans'. Then in your signature of the post, link your affiliate page at the end of the review. Interested candidates are much more likely to join your affiliate program, without appearing spammy... again you can hire these services and more for five bucks and up^^ See The New Testament; Click here.